Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the contents?
Related to library, records and information science that is informative for all includes but not limited to sad news, success stories, promotion, newly appointment, publication, achievement, award, conference participation, admission, vacancy, organizational activities such as meeting, picnic etc., international library organizational activities, professional development etc.

What will be the sources of news?
LISBD, BALID email, and observation the national and international library organizational activities, subscription other email etc.

Who can write?
Academics, professionals, and researchers working all over the world involved in library, records and information industry. Students are also welcome to contribute.

What is publication date/How often the bulletin will be published?
Weekly, every Sunday

What is the format?
Mainly in PDF. Every copy will be reserved in archives on TLT website

How many pages?
Initially 4 pages. However it can be increased depending on contents and demands in the future.

How to send the news contents?
Email on librariantimes@gmail.com

How do we check justification of the news item?
Need to be peer reviewed by the board members before publishing.

What will be inside the editorial?
Opinion on ongoing industry issues and sharing idea.

What else should I know?
Contact: librariantimes@gmail.com