Asia Open Access Meeting is going to be held in Bangladesh on 6-7 March, 2019

Syeda Mukta Begum 8 February 2019

Asia Open Access (OA) is an extraordinary discussion facilitated by Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) in which individuals from the Asian OA network can share data, meet one another and manufacture connections. It has a mailing list and arranges gatherings to encourage more prominent trade past national limits. It observes Asian social assorted variety and remarkable method for getting things done. The Asia (OA) meeting will give a chance to find out about worldwide patterns, share data crosswise over Asian nations, and help with neighbourhood procedures for expanding the selection of open access and open science in the nation as well as in Bangladesh.

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Library Orientation Program for Spring-2019 Held at NSU Library

Tanveer Ahsan, NSU 9 February 2019

The North South University Central Library recently organized a series of orientation programs for the new students on library facilities and services. Around 1300 students (about 74% of total students) of spring 2019 semester attended the program on January 21, 22 and 24, 2019 in different schedules of the respected days. Earlier Dr Md. Zahid Hossain Shoeb, University Librarian, addressed to the fresher’s in the central orientation program on January 19, 2019.

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The National Library Day 2019 observed at East West University Library

Apu, Dhaka, 10 February 2019

East West University Library observed the National Library Day on 05 February 2019 aiming at building an educated and enlightened nation and making the people more library-oriented. The theme of the National Library Day 2019 is “গ্রন্থাগারে বই পড়ি আলোকিত মানুষ গড়ি”.  On this day honourable President and Prime Minister Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh delivered a special message giving importance of libraries.

As a part of the celebration of national library day, EWU library was decorated with a colourful balloon, festoon, banners, posters etc to make the library users aware about the importance of the library in lifelong learning. » Read more

Library vs Internet!

To observe “National Library Day” as declared by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, BALID in collaboration with Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and Pacific (CIRDAP) is going to organize a Seminar on “Library vs Internet” on Saturday, 23 February 2019 at 2:30 pm at CIRDAP International Conference Centre (CICC) , Chameli House, 17 Topkhana Road, Dhaka.

Theme: Library vs Internet

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Prize and Certificate Award Session Held at Khagrachhari District Government Public Library

Khagrachhari District Government Public Library organised several competitions including book reading, easy writing, recitation, and drawing on the occasion of the Independence Day and National Day of Bangladesh, Bangla New Year, and the 119th birth anniversary of the National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. To give awards and certificates, the library organised a prize and certificate award session on Tuesday 7 August 2018 at General Reading Room, District Government Public Library, Khagrachhari.

Mr Kongjori Chowdhury, Chairman, Khagrachhari Hill District Council was the chief guest while Mr Srila Talukder, Headmaster, Khagrachhari Government high school; Ms Rusdina Akter Jahan, Headmaster, Notunkuri Cantonment High School; Mr Remrachai Chowdhury, Member, Hill District Council and convener, District government public library, Khagrachhari attended the event as special guest. The chief guest provided the holy Tripotok books for distribution to all the readers as free of cost. The said books were received by Mr Oan Chakma, Officer, District Government Public Library, Khagrachhari.

These kinds of community involvement program of different government public libraries making a bridge between the community and library throughout the year. Different age groups of several educational institutions continuing students took part of the mentioned program.

Government declaration: Bangabandhu Corner at Each Educational Institution


Bangladesh Government has taken initiative to establish Bangabandhu Corner at each of the educational institutions. Books, articles, poems, statements, narration, interviews and documentaries will be given to the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the library. Besides, there will also be authored textbooks on it. Ministry of Education will decide which books will be preserved in this corner of all 13 hundred books written on Bangabandhu. However, statistics will be collected regarding how much books have been published on Bangabandhu. For this, Ministry and others association cooperation will seek. (Source partial translation from Dainik Manabjomin)

As per news of 25 July “The government is planning to set up a corner at all secondary schools after the name of the country’s founding President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, aiming to inform next generation about his contribution.

‘We in principle decided to set up a Bangabandhu corner at the library of all schools,’ education ministry’s secondary and higher education division additional secretary Jabed Ahmed told New Age on Tuesday after holding a meeting at the secretariat.

‘We will set up Bangabandhu corner at some schools in the capital on a pilot basis. We are now working what kind of books and substances will be kept at the corner,’ he said.

‘We took the decision as reserved seat lawmaker Nasrin Akther last year proposed setting up a corner at school library named after Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,’ said a top secondary and higher education division.

The government is planning to set up such corner at over 20,000 secondary schools when Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education in June this year asked all schools to collect a title on addresses of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, also the eldest daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, as a reference book.

Since 2017, National Curriculum and Textbook Board has printed Sheikh Hasina’s photograph on the back cover of the textbooks for Class I-V in line with the recommendation of the parliamentary standing on primary and mass education ministry.

The DSHE in 2014 asked all educational institutions to collect three books on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman written by a bureaucrat.

The parliamentary standing committee on primary and mass education ministry in June 2017 recommended display of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s portrait in every primary school classroom and office.

Textbooks for primary and secondary contain several photographs of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and contents on him.

There is a writing titled Mukijuddhader Katha with a photo of Sheikh Mujib in Class I Bangla textbook, a short biography of Sheikh Mujib titled Amader Jatir Pita with three pictures in Class III Bangladesh and Global Studies textbook, a photo in Class IV Bangladesh and Global studies textbook showing Sheikh Mujib delivering his historic March 7 speech and a writing titled Amader Khoka and a sketch of Sheikh Mujib with a poem Muktir Chhara in Class IV Bangla textbook.”

Source: The New Age on 25 July

Mr Md. Azizur Rahman awarded PhD degree

Ahasan, Dhaka, 12 August 2018

Mr Md. Azizur Rahman, Deputy Librarian, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University(JKKNIU), Trishal, Mymensingh has been awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from University of Kalyani, Nodia, West Bengal, India.

His field of working area was ‘’Quality indicators for Library and Information Science education in Bangladesh: Designing a framework” which was supervised by Dr Sibsankar Jana.

Dr Rahman’s home district is Rajshahi (P.O Sopura P.S Boaila). He was the first batch honours student of Department of Library and Information Science, University of Rajshahi. After completing his MSS degree he started his career as a Lecture of Institute for Library & Information studies (ILIS) Kazla, Rajshahi, then switch to   Cantonment Public College and joined as a Librarian. After that, he started his job as Assistant Librarian at Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh. Later on, he has been promoted to Deputy Librarian. He has about twenty-four publications:

The list of his publication is given below:

S.L No Title Name Name of journal with ISSN Volume, Issue & Page  Date of Publication
01. Role of library in Creating Reading Habit: Some Thoughts in the context Granthagar, Kolkata, India


64 (9)



02. Trends in Citation pattern in Agricultural Doctoral thesis of Bangladesh Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

2348-7186 (print),

2321-8819  (online)


pp. 160-174

January 2015
03. Present Scenarios and Future prospect of electronic Resources of Some Selected Public University of Bangladesh: a study  LiNE, University of Kalyani


pp. 70-77  January 2015
04. State of Libraries in Primary Training  Institute(PTI) : Context Bangladesh Granthagar, Kolkata, India



pp. 81-88

June 2015
05. Connotation and denotation of LIS Education In Bangladesh IISRR- International Journal of Research

2394-6873 (online)

2394-885X (print)


pp. 110-119

July 2015
06. Journal of Structural  Engineering : a bibliometric   Study International Journal Of Innovative Knowledge Concept



Pp 63-70

August 2015
07. Community Information Services In Bangladesh and Role of Library Association of Bangladesh  All India IASLIC Conference Preceding, Gujrat University , India


Preceding Volume will be published very soon with ISBN December,2015
08. Development of Digital Libraries in Bangladesh : Present condition & Future Prospect Emerging Challenges and opportunities of Central Government Libraries in the Digital Era, Kolkata





January 2016
09. Information seeking behaviors of faculty members and research scholar of agricultural  University libraries in Bangladesh


Research Journal of Library Science



pp 1-8

February 2016
10. Lifelong Learning: key tools for knowledge society Exertion to Establish knowledge Society : Responsibility of Academic  libraries



pp 536 – 541

September 2016
11. Jatiya Kabi Kazi  Nazrul Islam University: some aspects in the context of Bangladesh Granthagar, Kolkata, India


66 (9)



12. Library Movement and LIS Education In Bangladesh : A Birds eye view  LiNE, University of Kalyani


Preceding Volume will be published very soon with ISBN December,2016
13. Development  of Digital libraries   in Bangladesh : Some Issues and Challenges  LiNE, University of Kalyani


Preceding Volume will be published very soon with ISBN December,2016
14. Towards assessing User’s needs and satisfaction in the Central Library of JKKNIU, Bangladesh : an analytical Study IASLIC 27th  National  seminar Proceeding, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur , India


Preceding Volume will be published very soon with ISBN December,2016
15. Development of LIS Domain in Bangladesh : A critical Study Librarian

Jadavpur University, India




Pp 63-73

July 2016
16. Making Community stronger : role of Public library as a catalyst for the Development of local Community  International  Conference on Lifelong learning in developing Countries : Issues and Perspective

University of kalyani, India

Preceding Volume will be published very soon with ISSN February 2017
17. Life long learning for all : Role of Public library as a Catalyst for the Development of local Community  International  Conference on Lifelong learning in developing Countries : Issues and Perspective

University of kalyani, India

Preceding Volume will be published very soon with ISSN February 2017
18.  MOOCs: Massive opportunities for the lifelong learning  International  Conference on Lifelong learning in developing Countries : Issues and Perspective

University of kalyani, India

Preceding Volume will be published very soon with ISSN February 2017
19. Readership Analysis : a case study of Some Selected Libraries of Mymensingh  town in Bangladesh  Submitted to the article International Journal of Information Studies and library  management Submitted Article for publication purpose June 2016
20. Origin & Development of LIS Education in Bangladesh : a historical study Submitted to the article

International journal of Library and Information science

Submitted Article for publication purpose February 2017
21. State of the Secondary School libraries in  Bangladesh and the task Granthagar, Kolkata, India


67 (1)



April 2017
22 Expansion and Extension of LIS Education in Bangladesh: a historical study International Journal of Information Management (IJIM)



Pp 99-103

September 2017
23. Present status of Government libraries in Bangladesh : issue and challenges International conference by CGLA Pp 12-19



24 Role of library movement and development of LIS education in Bangladesh Granthagar, Kolkata, India


Pp 10-14 March 2018


On behalf of the Librarian Times congratulations to Dr Md. Azizur Rahman.



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