Government declaration: Bangabandhu Corner at Each Educational Institution


Bangladesh Government has taken initiative to establish Bangabandhu Corner at each of the educational institutions. Books, articles, poems, statements, narration, interviews and documentaries will be given to the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the library. Besides, there will also be authored textbooks on it. Ministry of Education will decide which books will be preserved in this corner of all 13 hundred books written on Bangabandhu. However, statistics will be collected regarding how much books have been published on Bangabandhu. For this, Ministry and others association cooperation will seek. (Source partial translation from Dainik Manabjomin)

As per news of 25 July “The government is planning to set up a corner at all secondary schools after the name of the country’s founding President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, aiming to inform next generation about his contribution.

‘We in principle decided to set up a Bangabandhu corner at the library of all schools,’ education ministry’s secondary and higher education division additional secretary Jabed Ahmed told New Age on Tuesday after holding a meeting at the secretariat.

‘We will set up Bangabandhu corner at some schools in the capital on a pilot basis. We are now working what kind of books and substances will be kept at the corner,’ he said.

‘We took the decision as reserved seat lawmaker Nasrin Akther last year proposed setting up a corner at school library named after Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,’ said a top secondary and higher education division.

The government is planning to set up such corner at over 20,000 secondary schools when Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education in June this year asked all schools to collect a title on addresses of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, also the eldest daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, as a reference book.

Since 2017, National Curriculum and Textbook Board has printed Sheikh Hasina’s photograph on the back cover of the textbooks for Class I-V in line with the recommendation of the parliamentary standing on primary and mass education ministry.

The DSHE in 2014 asked all educational institutions to collect three books on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman written by a bureaucrat.

The parliamentary standing committee on primary and mass education ministry in June 2017 recommended display of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s portrait in every primary school classroom and office.

Textbooks for primary and secondary contain several photographs of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and contents on him.

There is a writing titled Mukijuddhader Katha with a photo of Sheikh Mujib in Class I Bangla textbook, a short biography of Sheikh Mujib titled Amader Jatir Pita with three pictures in Class III Bangladesh and Global Studies textbook, a photo in Class IV Bangladesh and Global studies textbook showing Sheikh Mujib delivering his historic March 7 speech and a writing titled Amader Khoka and a sketch of Sheikh Mujib with a poem Muktir Chhara in Class IV Bangla textbook.”

Source: The New Age on 25 July