Book Chat Event on ‘Ma’ Written by Anisul Haque in Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh

Ahasan, Dhaka, 17 February 2019.


District Government Public Library (DGPL), Chapai Nawabganj has inaugurated ‘Book Chat’ on February 06, 2019. Book chat was carried out on a pre-defined book title named ‘Ma (Freedom Fighter’s Mother)’ written by famous writer Anisul Haque. There were 18 participants & 4 judges in the jury to judge the individual participant’s review.

Each participant was given the floor to narrate their review on their reading experience of that scheduled book title for a specific time. Among the participants, there were students, juveniles, professionals & some journalists. After a two and half hour long roundtable, open discussion the jury selected 6 winners for their wonderful review on the book. The winners were awarded prizes instantly after the declaration. The entire event was conducted by peer supervision of the librarian of DGPL, Chapai Nawabganj. At the end of the event, each participant agreed that they have learnt a lot on the scheduled book. They thanked and expressed their satisfaction with the event. Librarian of DGPL, Chapai Nawabganj has assured that such type of chat would definitely be continued on each Wednesday of each week. An overall review of the discussed book would be published soon.

Collected form Facebook page Mr Masud Rana, Librarian, Dist. Govt Public Library, Chapainawabganj