Kelly Duong

Kelly Duong, RMIT University Library

Kelly is currently working as a Library Officer at RMIT University Library in Copyright & Digitisation Services, undertaking administrative activities such: digitising copyright content for educational purposes within the provision of the Copyright Agency Licence (CA Licence); assisting with the processing of materials in alternative formats, Permission and Licensing, and other project work. Along with her administrative tasks, she still maintains her face-to-face customer service. Prior joining to RMIT University she worked as a Customer Service Library Officer for the Brimbank Council.

Kelly and her parents immigrated to Melbourne when she was three years old. She completed her primary, secondary and tertiary education in Melbourne, Australia. In 2007, she obtained a Diploma in  Library and Information Service at Victoria University.

As an editorial board member, Kelly helps by proofreading before the publication of each issue to make the bulletin widely acceptance.




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