Ratan Kumer Das

Ratan Kumer Das is one of the editorial board members who is overseeing its Media Wing.

Mr. Das is working at The Daily Share Biz as an Assistant Librarian and Feature In-charge. In his career, he has worked for a different local newspaper and international organizations.

He graduated from the University of Rajshahi in Information Science and Library Manage-ment (formerly known as Library Science [1959-1987] and Library and Information Science [1987-2002]).

Mr. Ratan is a life member of Library Association of Bangladesh (LAB) and a member of American Library Association (ALA). He writes professional feature articles in some local Magazines and volunteering with Evergreen Zoom Bangladesh Foundation (EZBF) and NEEDA Group. He has the keen interest in Library World, Journalism and Social Work.

You may reach him through his personal email [email protected] to publish Bengali Feature Articles.