Seminar on Bibliometrics: The Possibility of Researchers and Library Professionals held at Gyantapas Abdur Razzaq Bidyapeeth

Ahasan, Dhaka, 6 January 2019

The Librarian Times (TLT) in collaboration with the Gyantapas Abdur Razzaq Bidyapeeth organized a seminar on Bibliometrics: The Possibility of Researchers and Library Professionals on Saturday, 5 January 2019 at Gyantapas Abdur Razzaq Bidyapeeth, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

The growing demand for bibliometric and research assessment services represents a significant change in how patrons find and use information.

Infor‐/biblio‐/sciento‐/cyber‐/webo‐/alter‐/metrics helps to recognize the researchers who contribute to research from the institutions, with whom they collaborate or should collaborate, what is their research strength and weakness, what is the impact of their research, what is the research trend in a given topic, where to start the research, what should be the starting point of the literature review, where to apply for research funding, how to find vital topic of research and performance-based research funding, etc.

The resource persons focused on the growing demand for publication analysis and research impact measurement that has led advanced libraries in the world to offer bibliometric services to their stakeholders.

Dr Dilruba Mahbuba, Chief Librarian, Bangladesh Institute of development studies, talked about historical milestones of bibliometrics. Application of Bibliometrics for researchers and library professionals is presented by Dr Jakaria Rahman, Bibliometric Analyst, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. In addition, he demonstrated the use of bibliometrics by retrieving data from Web of Science, Scopus, Dimensions, Google Scholar, and use VoSviewer software to visualize the data. Dr Zabed Ahmed, Professor, Department of information science and library management of the University of Dhaka, shared his experience with bibliometrics. The significance of familiarizing bibliometric at the bachelor and master level in addition to the need for research on it is also discussed by him.

During the panel discussion, there was an open forum where the participants were enthusiastic to ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

Mentimeter ( was used for taking questions to the panel. The discussion was diverse and verbatim. Create awareness in Bangladesh, increase the use of bibliometrics the library professionals and researchers, way to increase the number of researches in bibliometrics, the necessity to allocate bibliometric related courses at the honours and master level, initiate training programs on bibliometrics are among the part of the discussion.

Dr Zabed Ahmed, receiving a crest from the Associate Editor of TLT

Dr Jakaria Rahman receiving a crest from the Editorial board member Mr AKM Nurul Alam Apu

Dr Dilruba Mahbuba receiving a crest for the Editorial board member Joynal Abdin

A. K. M. Nurul Alam, Deputy Director of Bangladesh Bank Library conducted the entire seminar. Ahasan Habib, Assistant Librarian of the Islamic University of Technology gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the librarian times.

About 50 persons including LIS academics, library professionals, researchers and students registered for the seminar and attended the event.