A significant contribution of Dr Md. Anwarul Islam and the new journey of South Asia (SA) Chapter of (ASIS&T)

Prodip Roy, Editor, The Librarian Times

28 October 2018

Dr Md. Anwarul Islam, Associate Professor, Department of Information Science and Library Management, University of Dhaka is going to attend 81st Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) annual meeting (AM) to present a paper. Under the theme ‘Building and sustaining an ethical future with emerging technology’, this year the information science world unites in Vancouver from 10 to 14th November 2018. The Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) has a rich history of providing the “latest and greatest” developments; together, we can find solutions, and make a difference in our workplace and through research.

Dr Islam co-authored a paper on ‘Ascertaining the place of Library & Information Science in Knowledge Management research’ and they looked for what is the place of LIS in KM research? The authors find many studies in recent years on ‘KM in LIS’, but not any work on ‘LIS in KM’. While most recent work has been about why libraries and LIS should adopt KM, the authors looking at this differently. To what extent has KM accepted libraries and LIS? This study is the first step in seeking answers to this. Under the cross-disciplinary Scholarly Impact, the abstract is below;


It’s another history of success that the ASIS&T Board has voted to approve the South Asia Chapter of ASIS&T. The Chapter will serve ASIS&T membership and work to retain and recruit members in the 8 South Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Afghanistan. The Chapter will promote the interests of the society and its programs and will make every reasonable effort to involve students of information science who are located within its boundaries. Dr Md. Anwarul Islam, University of Dhaka has become the Co-Chair and Chair-Elect for the new chapter. Under the New Leaders Award (2017-2018), Dr Islam took this project to open this chapter and finally it has been successful.

For details, please visit this site https://www.asist.org/groups/south-asia/

The Librarian Times family would like to congratulate Dr Islam on his brilliant achievement and the great success!