My attendance at the 14th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) and the 81st ASIS&T Meeting

Prodip Roy AALIA (DCP) Library Officer (Digital Collections)


PhD Candidate in Business Information Systems

School of Business Information Technology & Logistics

RMIT University

18 November 2018


I recently attended the 14th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) and the 81st ASIS&T annual meeting held in Vancouver, B.C. November 9-14, 2018. Both conferences were an enormous gathering with around 600 attendees from 30 different countries around the world.

ICKM Global and next event host country leaders

This year’s theme—of ICKM was “Profession and Discipline of Action”—highlights the efforts to push toward impactful action and change. ICKM provides academics, researchers, developers, practitioners, Information Professionals, and users from all over the world a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas concerning theoretical and practical aspects of information and Knowledge Management. The topics and presenters have added their own unique insights to this theme, and the ideas and collaborations that came out of the conference. I especially liked the plenary sessions throughout. These provided me with a chance to meet around critical issues in leadership and issues in the knowledge management field. I also participated in the ICKM council meeting after the closing remarks.

The theme—of the ASIS&T annual meeting was “Building and sustaining an ethical future with emerging technology” The theme of the ASIS&T 2018 Annual Meeting is focused on the ethical implications of the rapid and dynamic transformation of technology and its use in the collection and dissemination of information. The ASIS&T annual meeting is the premier international conference dedicated to the study of information, people, and technology in contemporary society.

The ICKM Plenary Speakers

The first plenary session of ICKM titled “iSchools as Crucible: Melding Public Good, Technical Efficiency, and Knowledge” presented by Gary Marchionini, School of Information and Library Science, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The second plenary session on “The Art of Participatory Leadership “presented by Chris Corrigan is an Art of Hosting practitioner, a well-known facilitator and writer who has been working in the field of dialogic organizational development for twenty years. He focused his work on teaching about the intersection of dialogue, leadership, facilitation and complexity.

The ASIS&T Plenary Speakers

Ramesh Srinivasan, Associate Professor UCLA & Director UC Digital Cultures Lab was the opening plenary speaker and presented on “The People’s Internet: How to Arrive at a Digital World that Respects Human Values.”

Zeynep Tufekci, Associate Professor School of Information and Library Science, UNC Chapel Hill, presented on “The Health of the Public Sphere in the Age of Algorithmic Platforms and Information Glut.”

Exhibition Experience

In between presentations, it was great to visit the exhibit floor to meet and talk to people working in all aspects of libraries and information management, publishing companies, journal editorial board members, study opportunities in GLAM areas in different universities including Canada and the USA.

Morgan and Claypool Publishers


My PhD Work in Progress Poster Paper

I submitted a works-in-progress poster paper of my PhD research in early stages looking to solicit feedback and spark discussion. The submission included an extended abstract.

Title: The Analytics Edge: Use of Analytics in University Libraries

Abstract: The role of analytics is becoming universal and influencing the way information is used, analysed and applied. An organization can lead, decide, measure, manage and optimize performance to achieve greater efficiency by using analytical tools. This study will explore how libraries use data analytics for decision-making on various aspects of day-to-day library operations. The research question for this study is, how does analytics influence library decision making within a university environment? Two theories that are deemed relevant; Social Construction of Technology and Structuration Model of Technology are considered to explain the relationships between technology and the changes in librarianship practices. This study will use qualitative methods through multiple case studies. This research is drawing data from nine university libraries that are within the state of Victoria, Australia. The study will add to the existing body of knowledge on theoretical perspectives that provide us with an understanding of how the technology in the library affects practices of librarianship.

Paper will be published in Special Issues of the following Journals:

VINE: The journal of information and knowledge management systems or JIKM (Journal of Information and Knowledge Management)

The Vancouver City Highlights Tour


Prospect Point has been attracting people with its unrivalled views and rich history

The Vancouver City Highlights Tour offered me a customised way to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A total 5-hours excursion was led by award-winning guides who took us to multiple stops in Vancouver, including Stanley Park, Granville Island, Vancouver Lookout, Gastown, Chinatown, Robson Street, and the English Bay Vancouver Harbour. I explored the city’s art, historic landmarks, and shopping venues. Most interestingly I enjoyed a bird’s eye view of Vancouver from The Lookout, the viewing deck atop Harbour Centre Tower during this tour.

Our tourist bus


Photo: Vancouver Totem Poles

Photo: Lions Gate Bridge, the photo was taken from Prospect Point Lookout

Canada Place; Photo was taken from the Lookout

Vancouver Lookout

Leadership Role of SIG/III The Special Interest Group for International Information Issues

This interest group mainly focuses on international information issues founded in 1982. This platform promotes better awareness among ASIS&T members and information professionals of the importance of international cooperation, facilitates and enhance better communication and interaction among ASIS&T members and their global colleagues on information issues and provides a forum for exploring and discussing international information issues and problems.

I participated in the SIG-III Business Meeting was held on Monday at 3:30 pm to 5 pm at Plaza B (2nd Floor). As I have been nominated as the Co-Chair (elect) of this platform I contributed my idea on how SIG III can play a significant role globally on the information issues. I also spoke on the next year ASIS&T event which is going to be held in Melbourne where I work and live.

A New Chapter: South Asia

A new regional chapter, South Asia, has been formed in this meeting. Interest was expressed by information professionals in creating a regional chapter for South Asia, which would include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka in 2017 ASIS&T meeting. The chapter’s goals range from facilitating networking among South Asia countries to participating in and publicizing ASIS&T activities in the South Asia region.

Bitter experiences

My bad luck, I was not able to reach and present my PhD work in progress paper and moderating a session due to the delayed flight. I would say this was the worst experience in my whole travel life? My experience on scheduling flight and presentation has taught me one fundamental thing –reach at least a day before the conference.

Thank you

I’m very pleased that I received Higher Degree by Research Travel Grant (HDRTG) and Candidate Support Fund (approved by the DPVC, Research and Innovation); to travel to Canada for attending this ICKM & ASIS&T Combined 2018 Annual Meeting. I would like to thank Business Research Office, School of Business IT and Logistics and my two supervisors for assisting me in making the travel successful one.

Though, I was not able to moderate the session due to the delayed flight I would like to thank Mr Darin Freeburg (the conference chair) for nominating me as the moderator of session 8 of ICKM event.

Wrap-Up and the next conferences

Both meetings I found presentations were helpful to grow knowledge on the current information technology and knowledge trends, and the conversations with practitioners, researchers and global leaders valuable. Both conferences embrace plurality in methods and theories and encompass research, development and practice from a broad spectrum of domains.

ICKM 2019

The 15th ICKM 2019 annual meeting will be held in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil from 4-6 December and will be hosted by the Federal University of Santa Catarina.


Recognizing the international aspect of ASIS&T, the ASIS&T 82ND Annual Meeting 2019 will be held in Melbourne, Australia, 19-23 October 2019.