A.D.M. Ali Ahammed honoured with TLT Posthumous Award!

The award marks A.D.M. Ali Ahammed for serving, leading and his legendary contribution to the library profession in Bangladesh.

He was born on 1 October 1961 in Longir village of  Gafargaon Thana of Mymensingh. After completing primary education at the village primary school, he passed secondary school from he Kandi Para Asker Ali Bahumukhi High School in 1976 and higher secondary school from Kabi Nazrul Government College (Dhaka) in 1978.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 1980 from Government Shahid Sahrawardy College (Dhaka). Later, he completed his master of Arts in Library and information science 1980 from the University of Dhaka. He also received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Dr Alim Al Raji law College in 1986. His career started as an Assistant Librarian in Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) in 1984. In 1991, he joined as Librarian at Mymensingh Govt. Library under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. In all his Service life he served the Govt. diligently in many stations. In 2017, when working as Librarian (Admin & Accounts), Department of Public Libraries, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Dhaka,  Bangladesh, he joined to British Council (Bangladesh) on lien as Component Lead-Model Library, Libraries unlimited.


He wrote many books on his subject (Library & Information Science) and also on other topics e.g. Mathematics, Science, religion, Computer etc. His 1st book published in June 1999 named Library Administration & Management. His other departmental books are Modern Classification: Theoretical, Society & Library, Archives administration & management, Modern Tabulation: Theoretical & Practical etc. His other books are anke moja, bichitro biggan, gonit charcha, esho onko shikhi, computer porichiti, adhunik bigganer adda, jana ojana mohakash etc. His writing on The Contribution of Public Library on Socio-economic Development was published in a reputed newspaper. Besides performing official duties, he also did many socio-economic activities. His books on Library & Information Science useful for the students and professionals as well.

He was the founder member of the Institute of Library and Information Science, Chittagong Division. Apart from this, he served as a part-time teacher in different Library & Information Science institutions that are affiliated with the National University of Bangladesh.

He founded a mosque & musafirkhana when he was in charge of Chittagong Muslim Hall near the Public Library of Chittagong, a kindergarten school named ‘childcare academy’ at his village and also a college. He also established a mosque at his country house. Through his all life he worked for the development of the library sector of Bangladesh. Nearly  400 posts of Assistant Librarian in the Department of Public Libraries had been created through his tireless effort. The administrative building of Mymensingh Public Library is another outgrowth of his earnestness. He was the life member of Library Association of Bangladesh (LAB) & Muslim Institute of Mymensingh. He was elected Treasurer of LAB in 2015 and further elected Vice President in 2017 holding highest vote throughout the country in LAB election.

Before his death, he performed as the Vice president of LAB. He breathed last on 5 March 2019 in square hospital, Dhaka.