Former UK High Commissioner and OBE, Director Bangladesh, British Council donate books to “Boibodol”

Ahasan, Dhaka, 27 April 2019

Barbara Wickham OBE, Director Bangladesh, British Council donated hers and former UK High Commissioner Alison Blake’s best book collections to Active Citizens team Boibodol on 21 April 2019, Dhaka. Mr Saifullah Mahfuz Orko, founder of the Boibodol and other members were present during the program.

Boibodol is a social action project that exchanges books with different networks of readers to encourage knowledge sharing and reading habits in the youth across Bangladesh.

Mr Orko expressed his gratitude in this connection in the social media
“I’m a very small man. But there are some people who have some contact with me. We started our book project with them. We do not see big dreams, we want to bring small changes to small tasks. Her books, as a gift from a recent former British High Commissioner, Alison Blake and British Council Bangladesh Director Barbara Wickham”