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The Librarian Times Editorial Members

The Librarian Times operates under the guidance of the editorial members’ team, providing expert advice on content, attracting new authors and encouraging submissions. The editorial board is a very young team of experts in the library and information field working in different countries worldwide.

Objectives of the editorial members

Editorial board members are responsible for collecting the news information related to libraries, records and archives, knowledge and information management of Bangladesh and worldwide. Besides, the board members:

  • Edit submitted news
  • Collect national and international LIS related conference links for the LIS community
  • Identify topics for special issues
  • Attract new contributors and submissions
  • Advise the Editor of TLT foundation
  • Assist in organising events
  • Assist in finding the potential research area
  • Collaborate with Library Association Bangladesh (LAB), Bangladesh Association of Librarians, Information Scientists and Documentalists (BALID), LIS institutes
  • Conduct interviews with potential professionals, academics, researchers and related individuals.
  • Promote the bulletin on Social Media
Selecting Editorial Members

Having an editorial board is very important: they act as ambassadors for the bulletin. Editorial board members are ultimately accountable for the quality of the bulletin’s contents.

Editorial board members are selected by the editor with input from other editorial board members. Editorial boards generally undergo a complete revision every three or four months, with members joining, stepping down or continuing. Changes also occur in the interim, for example, if a member resigns.


The founder of The Librarian Times performs as Editor-in-Chief who has overall responsibility for the bulletin. However, if necessary, Editor-in-Chief can nominate anyone in this position.

Associate Editor

An associate editor who coordinates and liaises with other board members finds and writes content assists the editor on editorials, collect news and research highlights, and carries out the developmental of the bulletin.

Other editorial members:

Editorial member (Web Editor)

Responsible for managing, updating online contents, looking after standard quality, create the new page such as event registration, looking after creative commons, copyright and related legal issues.

Editorial member (Media and marketing)

A media editor who coordinates and liaises with Electronic and Print Media to publish TLT related /event news finds and writes content based on published news in national and international media about the library and information science. The media and marketing editor is responsible for finding the potential area in creating new opportunities.

Editorial member (Research):

Responsible for identifying projects or areas of research in LIS to fund which will accelerate a significant contribution in developing the library profession and the library and information service sectors in Bangladesh.

The Librarian Times Advisory Board: (Currently is under review)