Frequently Asked Questions

What type of contents do we want?

Related to the GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archives, and Museum) that is informative for all includes but not limited to

  • Sharing a successful program/project/event about your library
  • Any professional issues
  • Professional upcoming events
  • Opinions
  • Sharing your day to day work describing how you manage new assignments and skill improvements
  • Sharing of your big idea such as new technology
  • Research outputs

Who can write for TLT?
Academics, professionals, and researchers working all over the world involved in the library, records and information industry. Students are also welcome to contribute.

What is the publication date/How often the bulletin will be published?
Regularly on the website, the monthly bulletin gets published in the middle of each month.

How to join to TLT team?

Email of your current CV along with an expression of interest endorsed by your supervisor or of your employers to [email protected]

What are the Editorial policies and guidelines?

When writing a submission for TLT to consider, please consider the following:

Copyright and Referencing

  • A submission must be your own original, unpublished work
  • Be mindful of plagiarism
  • Ensure that you consult sources first hand. Please do not cite a second-hand reference without having consulted the original source

Please take the following into account:

  • Email your submission as a Word file to [email protected]
  • Include a title
  • The image must be original and you must obtain permission to publish from the relevant institute or person (It is the contributor’s responsibility to ensure all people represented in the photograph have given permission to be published in TLT)
  • Clearly identify the caption if possible
  • Please send unedited JPEGs in the highest resolution if possible
  • Images are to be attached as separate files
  • TLT will publish your content with a short bio including your name, your business name (if applicable) and contact information (email/phone/web)
  • Edit and spell check document prior to submitting

What are the advantages to become a contributor/TLT member?

  • Increase your confidence and become a professional expert
  • It gives you a professional storytelling opportunity
  • Professional development opportunity
  • Social and professional networking opportunities worldwide
  • Promoting your organisations
  • Sharing your fresh ideas
  • Raising your profile by being visible and getting noticed by industry leaders
  • Gaining advice from experienced members
  • Strengthening your professional and personal relationships
  • Contributing the profession

What will be inside the editorial?
Opinion on ongoing industry issues and sharing idea.

What is Opinion Policies?
Opinions expressed in columns, email letters or social media posts are welcome.

What is a Feedback policy?
TLT encourages discussion but does not guarantee its publication. We reserve the right to edit or reject any email letter or social media feedback. The goal of the opinion is to improve the quality of the bulletin.

What is TLT Sponsored Scheme Scholarship Award 2018?

To know about this award click the following link:

The Librarian Times Foundation


What else should I know?
Contact: [email protected]