EWU Library Professionals complete online course titled “Research Writing in the Social Sciences”

Apu, Dhaka, 19 May 2019


Three library professionals from East West University (EWU) namely Mr Tahur Ahmed, Mr M. Abdul Gani, and Ms Afrin Sultana have completed the online course titled “Research Writing in the Social Sciences” on 10 May 2019 organized by INASP and AuthorAID.

The course consisted of six units embarking on a research project, research and publication ethics, evidence base for a paper, preparing to write a research paper, writing a research paper and publishing a paper in a journal. The course was run between 26 February to 15 April 2019 (7 weeks).


On average, every participant has to spend 28 hours to complete the course. Going through all the reading resources and passing the end-of-course quiz is the key criteria for receiving a pass grade.

The course is helpful in improving knowledge and skills in scientific research writing through a tried and tested online AuthorAID programme. The AuthorAID programme is run by INASP which is an international development organization based in the UK.

Information on this course can be found on