About us


To overcome the Library and Information Science professional barriers, inspire professionals and contribute to the country by supporting library and information advocacy and undertaking research.


TLT envisions a nation where library and information communities will have the opportunity to attain an excellent platform to build a literate society with collaborative practice.

Background: The Librarian Times, a weekly bulletin 

The Librarian Times was founded on 2nd February 2017, which is focusing on increasing collaboration with Library Association Bangladesh (LAB), Bangladesh Association of Librarians, Information Scientists and Documentalists (BALID), LIS institutes, Government and international LIS organisations to break the professional barriers in Bangladesh. The Librarian Times (TLT) is the first ever and only professional news bulletin in Bangladesh for the library and information profession. It was decided at the outset that the main objectives of this initiative are to spread knowledge and information to everyone.

The Librarian Times is a non-profit initiative. The board members are working voluntarily to contribute to the profession in a positive way. The editorial board members collect all the weekly news related to libraries, records and archives, knowledge and information management and compile as a news bulletin. This bulletin is published on every Sunday. TLT wants to build an excellent communication among library professionals, make good friends and positive interactions by organising training, research seminar, social events like TLT Award and Fun night.

National and International Collaborations:

TLT also covers professional international news collected from different sources. TLT wants to play a significant role to make a bridge between Bangladeshi and overseas LIS professionals that can foster for the idea exchanging and professional development.

We believe that a compelling value strategy, supported by an appropriate evidence base, should be at the heart of all activities to achieve our goals. TLT works on creating the strongest national and global connections with LIS and government organisations. TLT has already been registered with ISSN which is 2616-7026 as part of its international collaboration.

The Librarian Times actively supports to any individual or organisations who are working with Open Access, Open Access Policy and Strategy Groups. TLT is also closely working in partnering with government agencies and LIS organisations to assist in policy reforming on copyright, creative commons, national bibliographic database, digital preservation strategies and LIS related unsolved issues.

TLT is currently working on the use of a number of different Creative Commons licenses, in addition to our own simple user terms which can be viewed at http://www.thelibrariantimes.com/terms/ and which permit all users to read.


The Librarian Times Foundation

The Librarian Times foundation is an initiative to promote library professional development, award and scholarship arrangement for LIS professionals and ISLM students, provide funding for potential research in LIS, treatment expenditure or donation to library professionals. To know more about the foundation click here

The Librarian Times Editorial Board

The Librarian Times operates under the guidance of an editorial board, providing expert advice on content, attracting new authors and encouraging submissions. The editorial board is a very young team of experts in the library and information field.

Objectives of the editorial board

Editorial board members are responsible for collecting the news information related to libraries, records and archives, knowledge and information management of Bangladesh and worldwide. Besides, the board members:

  • Edit submitted news
  • Collect national and international LIS related conference links for LIS community
  • Identify topics for special issues
  • Attract new contributors and submissions
  • Advise the Editor of TLT foundation
  • Assist in organising events
  • Assist in finding the potential research area
  • Collaborate with Library Association Bangladesh (LAB), Bangladesh Association of Librarians, Information Scientists and Documentalists (BALID), LIS institutes
  • Conduct interviews with potential professionals, academics, researchers and related individuals.
  • Promote the bulletin on Social Media
Selecting Editorial Board Members

Having an editorial board is very important: they act as ambassadors for the bulletin. Editorial board members are ultimately accountable for the quality of the bulletin’s contents.

Editorial board members are selected by the editor with input from other editorial board members. Editorial boards generally undergo a complete revision every three or four months, with members joining, stepping down or continuing. Changes also occur in the interim, for example, if a member resigns.


The founder of The Librarian Times performs as Editor-in-Chief who has overall responsibility for the bulletin. However, if necessary, Editor-in-Chief can nominate anyone in this position.

Associate Editor

An associate editor who coordinates and liaises with other board members finds and writes content assists to the editor on editorials, collect news and research highlights, and carries out developmental of the bulletin.

Other editorial members:

Editorial member (Web Editor)

Responsible for managing, updating online contents, looking after standard quality, create the new page such as event registration, looking after creative commons, copyright and related legal issues.

Editorial member (Media and marketing)

A media editor who coordinates and liaises with Electronic and Print Media to publish TLT related /event news finds and writes content based on published news in national and international media about the library and information science. Media and marketing editor is responsible for finding the potential area in creating new opportunities.

Editorial member (Research):

Responsible for identifying projects or areas of research in LIS to fund which will accelerate a significant contribution in developing the library profession and the library and information service sectors in Bangladesh.

The Librarian Times Advisory Board: (Currently is under review)

Editorial Members

Prodip Roy (Editor-in-Chief)

Md. Ahasan Habib (Associate Editor)

A.K.M. Nurul Alam (Web Editor)

Rajesh Kumar Das (Research Editor)
Ratan Kumar Das (Media and Marketing Editor, on leave)
Kelly Doung (Editorial member)

Syeda Mukta Begum (Event Management and Assistant Editor)
Nonigopal Roy (Contributor Editor)

Mohammad Tanveer Ahsan (Contributor Editor)

Prodip Kumer Aich (Media and Marketing Editor)

Mir Adiba Awlad (Assistant Media and Marketing Editor)

Nargis Sultana Munni (Contributor Editor)

Jafrin Khandaker Lisa (Contributor Editor)

Monirul Islam (Contributor Editor)

Jannnti Jerin Tonni (Contributor Editor)

Amrita Rani Dash (Contributor Editor)

Dilruba Rahman Eva (Contributor Editor)

Joy Rozario (Contributor Editor)

Nawshaba Bulia (Contributor Editor)

Mahabuba Akhter (Contributor Editor)

Anika Tahsin (Editorial Assistant)

Rubaiya Azad Dina (Editorial Assistant)