Creative Commons Global Summit 2023 Concludes in Mexico City: A Resounding Success

Prodip Roy, Melbourne

11 October, 2023

CC Global Summit 2023” by Prodip Roy, is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

The Creative Commons Global Summit 2023, a dynamic gathering of researchers, librarians, academicians, lawyers, IT specialists, journalists, musicians, cultural workers and many others in the realm of open access, concluded on 6 October in the vibrant heart of Mexico City. The program took place from 3–6 October 2023 at the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco to unite, share ideas, and create a brighter future for open sharing in Mexico City.

The Summit, which spanned three days, showcased diverse sessions, workshops, panel discussions, networking, and lightning talks focused on promoting open knowledge, collaboration, and accessibility. The 6 Summit tracks included Science/Climate, Education, Culture, Journalism, Better Internet (Web3, Data, AI, Policy), Arts, and emerging Technologies.

Boasting a truly global representation, the event brought together experts, activists, and enthusiasts from over 50 countries, creating a dynamic melting pot of ideas and perspectives. Attendees engaged in thought-provoking conversations around topics such as AI, open education, open educational resources, copyright reform, digital commons, and the democratisation of knowledge.

One of the Summit’s highlights was the Summit’s opening keynote by Francisco, whose insights on the evolving landscape of focus on contemporary creativity and cultural heritage to media, science, and education delighted the audience. Francisco is a sound artist, musician, researcher, cultural leader, and General Director of Mexico’s National Sound Archive, who spoke on global culture from the deeply rooted perspective of Mexico and Latin America.

The Summit also featured a series of interactive workshops, allowing participants to delve into practical aspects of AI and copyright, ethical concerns, open licensing, content sharing, and community building. Attendees were allowed to explore emerging technologies and tools that empower individuals and organisations to contribute to the global knowledge commons.

Moreover, the event provided a platform for unveiling groundbreaking projects and initiatives. For example, the announcement of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Funds New Project to Openly License Life Sciences Preprints was exciting for new programmatic support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to help make openly licensed preprints the primary vehicle of scientific dissemination.

“This year’s Creative Commons Global Summit was an exceptional testament to the power of collective action in advancing AI,” remarked Professor Mostafa Azad Kamal, Bangladesh Open University, expressing gratitude to the organisers and participants. “The insights shared and connections forged here will undoubtedly catalyse positive change in the realms of education, research, and creative expression.”

CC Global Summit 2023” by Prodip Roy, is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

The Creative Commons Global Summit 2023 will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the global open-access community, setting the stage for continued innovation and collaboration in the years to come.