National champion’ in reciting and acting and ‘Gold Medalist’ as ‘National Best Child Artist’ joins as a Lecturer! Congratulation!

Mukta, Dhaka, 14 September 2018

Romana Rahman Shithi, who is the ‘National Award’ winner for seven times for participating multi-cultural activities and also an outstanding student in the Department of Information Science and Library Management (ISLM) of University of Dhaka, has recently been appointed as a Lecturer at East West University.

Prior to this, she worked as a lecturer in Department of Library and Information Science at Lalmatia Mohila College, Dhaka. Romana also had experiences to work at different libraries in Bangladesh including Scholastica International School Dhaka, North South University Library, Dhaka University Library and BANSDOC Library.

Ms Shithi completed her B.A (Hons.) and Masters in Information Science and Library Management from the University of Dhaka with an excellent academic result. She is also an MPhil researcher in the same subject at the same university.

Ms Shithi became ‘National champion’ in reciting and acting in 2005, also achieved ‘Gold Medal’ as ‘National Best Child Artist’ from Bangabandhu Jatiyo-Sishu-Kishor-Sangskritik Protijogita and ‘Silver Medal’ as ‘Best Performer’ of ‘Sruti-Sangskritik Academy’. She had a number of publications, which are given below:

Usage and Application of E-Resources in the University Libraries of Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges
 E-Resource Management in the Private University Libraries of Bangladesh: Perception of LIS Professionals
Users Perception of E-resources in the Private University libraries of Bangladesh.

The Librarian Times congratulates her on her new role at East West University!