TLT board meets the Libraries Unlimited Project team

Apu, Dhaka, 7 April 2019

A meeting between The Librarian Times (TLT) team led by the Editor, Prodip Roy and Libraries Unlimited Project team led by the project director Ms Kirsty Crawford was held on 3 April 2019 at the Libraries Unlimited Office, Shahbagh, Dhaka.

On behalf of TLT editorial board, Mr Mohammad Joynal Abdin and Mr Prodip Aich attended the meeting. Mr Prodip Roy attended the meeting via ZOOM online.

The Editor, TLT articulated that The Libraries Unlimited (LU) programme in Bangladesh is a milestone to modernise the public library network, build the capacity of library professionals, train library staff, and build public awareness of and access to library and information services. In the primary discussion with the LU project team, the board members spoke on TLT’s objective and future mission. TLT started its journey in Feb 2017 to overcome the Library and Information Science professional barriers, inspire professionals and contribute to the country by supporting library and information advocacy, organising the seminar Workshop and undertaking research on ongoing issues.

During the discussion, both the editorial team members and LU project team emphasized how we can play a significant role to make a bridge between Bangladeshi and overseas LIS professionals that can foster for the idea exchanging and professional development in the country.

Kristy Crawford, expressed her gratitude to TLT’s activities and pleased to extend her support in building a good relationship between TLT and the LU project.

In this meaningful discussion, both parties were interested in making a formal agreement to work collaboratively soon as these two organs have the same objectives in developing the library services in Bangladesh. The editorial team members invited Kristy to join TLT event as one of the special guests to celebrates its 2nd anniversary. Kristy was happy to accept the invitation and agreed to join.