ASIS&T South Asia Chapter Best Practices Sharing: An insight

Amrita Dash

April 23, 2021

Behind the scenes:
In 2017 at Washington D.C., Md. Anwarul Islam and Naresh (President-Elect, ASIS&T) talked to each other for the first time to frame the South Asia Chapter. As a New Leader Awardee of ASIS&T, Dr Anwar started working with Naresh Agarwal to establish the chapter. Based on the proposal the ASIS&T board approved the chapter in September 2018. At that time, ASIS&T had 14 regional chapters and 39 student chapters in different universities.

South Asia Chapter of ASIS&T was the recipient of the ‘Chapter of the Year Award’ to recognise the outstanding chapter for its contributions to ASIS&T. It was a great team effort, and the chapter officers worked hard to achieve the objectives of the chapter.

Most recently, Dr Anwar was interviewed by Dr Sam Chu to discuss the chapter’s success, achievement, and future vision of its leaders.
Let’s watch the interview why and how the South Asia Chapter was considered the best chapter in 2020!