IFLA: World Library and Information Congress- Day 1 Highlights!

It’s started! WLIC 2021 opened by IFLA President Christine Mackenzie

IFLA President Christine Mackenzie













IFLA’s 86th World Library and Information Congress – and first ever virtual Congress – began today, with IFLA President Christine Mackenzie and Secretary General Gerald Leitner inviting the global field to three days of varied and exciting sessions.

In her opening speech, Christine Mackenzie reminded participants of how essential libraries are for the communities they serve. In turn, opportunities to come together, as at WLIC, energised the field, helping to build understanding and connections, and spread great ideas and practice.

Gerald Leitner underlined Christine’s point, encouraging participants to make the post of the Congress as a chance to set the agenda for the future of the field.

With the conference taking place online, the IFLA President welcomed first timers, while also recognising the work of those who had given decades of service to the field and their communities.

With over 150 sessions planned, WLIC offers rich opportunities for learning from each other and co-creating the future of our field. Stay tuned!

New Opportunities: Working with the IFLA Strategy for a Strong and United Library Field

IFLA WLIC provides a great opportunity to reaffirm the goals of the IFLA Strategy, and to accelerate our efforts to implement it.

Two years on from its launch at the World Library and Information Congress in Athens, Greece, the Strategy has already inspired IFLA Sections and Members alike to undertake new initiatives, aligned with the work of the global field.

With the halfway point coming up, and IFLA’s new governance structures in place, the Federation is well placed to accelerate its delivery efforts, driving a change in mindset throughout the field.

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The Public Library Manifesto – 25 years of Advocacy, and many more to come!

The IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto proclaims UNESCO’s belief in the public library as a living force for education, culture and information, and as an essential agent for the fostering of peace and welfare through the minds of all people.

In 2020, IFLA embarked on an initiative to update the Manifesto, in order to continue ensuring that it reflects the mission of public libraries – now and into the future. IFLA and its Public Library Section are currently working with our partners at UNESCO to finalise the updated Public Library Manifesto.

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