Prize money and Certificate Award Session for designing of Public Library and National Museum held at Dhaka

Ahasan, Dhaka, 19 August 2018

For designing Directorate of Public Library and National Museum multi-storeyed building, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs organised a prize money and Certificate Award Session on 30 July 2018 at Nalini Kanto Bhattacharjo Gallery, National Museum, Shahbag, Dhaka. The Chief Guest of the Ceremony was H.E. Asaduzzaman Noor, MP honourable Minister, and Ministry of Cultural Affairs while Mr Md. Nasiruddin Ahmed, Secretary, Ministry of Cultural Affairs chaired the session. An inaugural speech was given by Mr Asish Kumar Sarkar, Director General (Additional Secretary) Directorate of Public Libraries. The programme was ended followed by cultural functions.

Once a well-designed multi-storeyed building is built under the project, the public library will be shifted to it, adding that another multi-storeyed building will also be constructed for the National Museum.

Cubeinside Design Ltd. in association with Dcon Design Studio won the first prize (As per their Facebook pages) on national design competition of coordinated complex of Department of Public Libraries (DPL) and Bangladesh National Museum.

Placemaking is a quiet movement that re-imagines public spaces as the heart of every community, in every city. It is a transformative approach that inspires people to create and improve their public places. By creating an integrated platform, this is how we collectively shape our public realm to maximize shared value. More than just creating the better urban design of public spaces, placemaking facilitates creative patterns of activities and connections in terms of cultural, social and ecological that defines a place and supports its ongoing evolution. It is how people are more collectively and intentionally shaping our city and our future on the country.

The main goal of the design is to create a place that has both a strong sense of community and a comfortable image for all aged people, as well as a setting, activities and uses that collectively add up to something more than the sum of its often simple parts by celebrating the institution of life by democratic participation of the entire city.