BALID EC members meet with VC, IUT

Ahasan, Dhaka, 31 March 2019

A three members team lead by Ms Hazera Rahman, Chairman, BALID and Librarian, BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology, Dr Md Mostafizur Rahman, Member, BALID and Chairman, Department of Information Management and Library Science, Royal University Dhaka and Md. Ahasan Habib, Finance Secretary, BALID and Assistant Librarian, Islamic University of Technology met with Dr Omar Jah, Vice-Chancellor of Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Prof. Dr Anayet Ullah Patwari, Head, HEASP, IUT, Mr Mebasa Omar, Registrar, IUT, Mr Md. Golam Salek, Chief of Establishment, IUT on 21 March 2019.

During the visit, BALID team invited to all of the head of departments, offices and Centres to attend the Doa Mahfil of Late Dr Mirza Mohd. Rezaul Islam( former Librarian, IUT and Chairman, BALID).

In this meeting, Dr Omar Jah remembered of Late Dr Mirza Mohd. Rezaul Islam contributions to IUT with gratitude. He expressed his deep sorrow for Dr Reza’s death.