Public Library Campaign “Cholo Gronthagare Cholo, Dekhi Somvabonar Alo”

TLT, 26 August 2019

The British Council’s Libraries Unlimited Programme and the Department of Public Libraries have jointly initiated a year-long Public Library Campaign- “Cholo Gronthagare Cholo, Dekhi Somvabonar Alo” (Let’s visit the libraries to explore the possibilities) through a soft launch event earlier this year at the Sufia Kamal National Public Library in Dhaka.

So far, the campaign has taken place in three district government public libraries of Rangpur, Cox’s Bazar and Narayanganj. We have welcomed dynamic debaters, creative artists, fascinating storytellers, builders, youths from different communities, women, children and elderly people to the campaign.

Around 5000 direct participants have been engaged through a variety of competitions and discussion sessions. Around 2,70,000 more people were reached through pre and post-campaign activities. In collaboration with the Department of Public Libraries, the Libraries Unlimited Programme is going to implement this Public Library Campaign across twenty-five districts of Bangladesh. The campaign aims to promote the new services available in the Government Public Libraries of Bangladesh, such as learning to code with the Kano computer and micro:bit, building figures using toy bricks and ensuring proper utilisation of WiFi access and computer facilities.

The Public Library Campaign also aims to help define new roles and responsibilities of people around libraries, facilitating conversations on the role of the libraries in expediting community engagement. The private sectors are now reconsidering their role in supporting the public libraries and micro-entrepreneurs are discussing the role public libraries can play in supporting their ventures. Women, youth and children are finding themselves closer to their libraries than ever before.

An increase in the number of readers has already been reported in these three libraries after hosting the Public Library Campaigns. During the discussion sessions with the youths, it has been found that they were visiting the libraries for the first time through these campaigns, and among these youth over 60% were female.

The Libraries Unlimited is looking forward to the upcoming Public Library Campaigns in the rest of the districts.


Training on Library based voluntarism held in Dhaka

TLT, Dhaka, 1 August 2019

Libraries Unlimited Project of British Council and Ministry of Cultural Affairs organised training on library-based voluntarism recently in Dhaka. The central concept is the power of community engagement for social development. Libraries Unlimited Programme is inspiring young people to make their own Social Action Projects for the development of public libraries in Bangladesh. It was an engaging conversation, indeed.

Drawing Words exhibition held in the city

TLT, Dhaka, 1 August 2019

As a part of the Drawing Words exhibition, the British Council Cultural Centre in collaboration with the Libraries Unlimited arranged a day-long training workshop for the Government Public Librarians recently in the city. Sara Mears, Programme Manager, facilitated this highly interactive workshop, Libraries Connected. The workshop mainly focused on family reading and how reading can be utilised for pleasure.

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Children’s book illustration exhibition begins at British Council Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar

TLT, 30 June 2019

Photo: Dhaka Tribune

Drawing Words, an exhibition of children’s book illustration, begins at British Council Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar to encourage the young readers to drawings. The exhibition is open daily at the British Council on Fuller Road in Dhaka from June 28 to July 11 and at Cox’s Bazar District Government Public Library from June 29 to 30. The exhibition remains open for all from 10 am to 7 pm daily at the two locations.

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10 minute school launches digital English language content library

Photo: UNB

10 Minute School (an online school project of Robi) has launched a digital English language content library in collaboration with the British Council. The content covers basic skills like English grammar rules, phrase-idiom, pronunciation, tense, article, common mistake in English, and professional skills like presentation, email communication, IELTS etc. There is also a Language Club Sessions through which learners could join live and learn English with fun. It can be easily accessible through its Android-based mobile app or the website