Workshop on “Coding” held at Munshignaj Government Public Library

Dilruba Rahman, 7 September 2018, North South University, Dhaka

A day-long workshop on Coding (Computer Programming) was held at District Government Public Library Auditorium, Munshiganj, on 4 September 2018.
Ms Rafia Sultana, Librarian, Department of Public libraries presided over the programme.
We have seen a slogan of the workshop “Let’s learn coding, Get elated in the ecstasy of creation”
Students who are in between 8 to 15 years of old took part in the lively workshop session and learned both coding and computer programming. Indeed, participants were also introduced to the latest education equipments especially used in the United Kingdom and developing nations.
To make the workshop fruitful, several sessions were conducted for two hundred participants by forming six groups.
Libraries Unlimited (LU) Project of British Council set up micro: bit, a pocket-sized computer with features to learn coding. Micro: bit will potentially popularise the context of coding among the young generation of Bangladesh. It will open exciting opportunities to coding, which is one of the fastest growing occupations worldwide with leading to future employment, community engagement, digital leadership and skills development.
LU will establish 30 model public libraries and an e-library network, and scale services to further 39 public libraries. It aims to upgrade ICT facilities and design new layouts to create contemporary multi-usage solutions that provide innovative learning environments.
Technical lead Timothy Grin of British Council, ICT Manager Tamim Mostafa, Component Lead ABM Ali Ahmed attended the workshop. A good number of volunteers were also involved to make the workshops successful.