Fostering research at North South University Library- Md. Ede Amin

Md. Ede Amin

Assistant Library Officer, North South University

A library is a mirror to show the reflection of culture and civilization of the world and in this sense academic libraries working to make sense clear. Academic libraries in Bangladesh working with the curricula of the institutions and carrying the information and materials to accelerates the knowledge of the community. Library and information professionals in Bangladesh working with the highest intellectual’s level but their work and effort not recognized in a fruitful manner.

Library and information professionals have to understand the perceptions of faculty and students and know when, where and how they need information.  The professionals are working with the learning community, and it is a skill development sector for them. Academic libraries and library professionals adding value and they are marketing information services, not for promotion but also the inclusion with the flow of knowledge. The academic libraries are in the active zones because we can see in some cases ‘library and book’ concept is not clear. So if we think without a library, we cannot meet the next knowledge base society, and we lag socially and economically. We have to believe libraries and library professionals can play a vital role.

North South University is a pioneering university in the private sector in higher education in Bangladesh. The community of this university is always working with the learning of a new dimension of knowledge. North South University working with some mission and vision and its goals to be a centre of excellence in higher education, in this sense North South university central library focusing the research and academic support to the community. Research can bring something unique and can add value to the community in the Excellency of learning point. NSU Library is supporting the community to the research-based activities. Research is in the next step after fulfilling the basic requirements of learning as an academic library. NSU Library has the following research support tools and medium to foster a research-based community.

  • Library subscribed research Tools –
    • Scopus
    • OpenAthens
    • Mendeley
    • Turnitin
    • Grammarly

NSU Library is providing the support and facilities in research to create Researcher ID, Search techniques, information literacy, ethical use of information, e-resources and bibliography services, impact factors identifying of journals, Scholarly writing and intellectuals ethics. In online based journals services NSU Library has the Full-text access through UDL & INASP/PERI consortium, individual subscription and R4L registration, open access and other free access. NSU library team think the strength of research support with the following –

  • Increasing care of Patron
  • Offering higher quality of services
  • Ability to serve more user
  • Implementing the vision of NSU
  • Keep up with the development of the research field

Academic libraries in Bangladesh has many more things to do in the research field and NSU Library team always focusing on that so we can cope up with the next generation development. The digital environment and user requirement growing up and in this case Library and information professionals have to play a stronger role. Developing in the research area of Academic libraries professionals and communities need to initiate conversations with each other. So In fine, we can say Academic libraries may have many opportunities and engage deeply at many levels with the scholarly research community.


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