South Asia Chapter, ASIS&T has been awarded special funding to pursue a project on ‘Dealing with COVID-19′

South Asia Chapter of ASIS&T has been awarded special funding to pursue a unique project on ‘Dealing with COVID-19 and Saving People’s Lives in South Asia (SA) Areas & Beyond – A Health Informatics Promotion Project’. This Chapter proposes to set up a YouTube channel to host multilingual videos for disseminating awareness on a variety of topics on Covid-19 in the South Asia region. This project runs in collaboration with the Asia Pacific and European Chapter to bring their experience dealing with similar viruses in the past. This Chapter expects that the content for these videos will help fight misinformation and disinformation regarding Covid-19 information by citing accurate and reliable sources of information.

Initially, the Chapter aims to create ten videos in different languages for the YouTube channel ‘ASIS&T South Asia Chapter’ on COVID-19 and vaccine myth, facts and other relevant features of this virus. Out of ten videos, two are already uploaded to the channel in different languages, e.g., Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Sinhalese, while the Chapter team members are working on creating contents and translating of other videos. At this stage, the Chapter is trying to reach out to the LIS professionals, LIS professional associations, public libraries and NGO’s of SA region for circulating this channel.

The South Asia Chapter’s past chair and project co-investigator Dr Md. Anwarul Islam, said, “We believe, these contents and videos will create value for the people of this region to keep themselves safe from COVID-19.”

Translating content in the country’s language is mainly, the core of this project. For the sake of the well-being of the community people, the South Asia Chapter is working on it to.  The chapter is seeking support to share this information with peers, friends, colleagues and others in the community. Do click on the “Subscribe” button; you can subscribe to this channel to see more contents.

Let the Chapter know your opinion, put your comments and help them to analyse your feedback on these videos. If you are a member of ASIS&T, keep reading and watching our updates on the ASIS&T SA Website, ASIS&T Social media platforms, iconnect, Weekly News Digest of ASIS&T, ASIS&T SA Newsletter, all are yet to come.

Project members are including Bhakti Gala (India); Sam Chu (Hong Kong); Md. Anwarul Islam (Bangladesh); Syeda Hina Batool (Pakistan); Ms. Helen Chan (Hong Kong); Raj Bhardwaj (India); Manika Lamba (India); Prasadi Jayasekara (Sri Lanka).